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We want Russia to be open

“What is needed now for effective resistance is not a party with yet another ‘vertical’ structure, eager to fight for power, but a ‘horizontal’ alliance of the vast number of ‘small civic groups’ that form the underlying fabric of civil society and that solve their own concrete problems locally.”

Open Russia aims to connect and unite Russian citizens who seek a state governed by the rule of law, with a strong civil society, regular free and fair elections, and the promotion of democratic values. The organisation is building a solid, sustainable foundation for democratic governance when change eventually, and inevitable, comes to Russia.

“We’re working to ensure that, when everything collapses, Russia has political forces created with society’s understanding and recognition that will keep the country from making the same mistakes all over again. The goal is to show people both inside and outside of Russia that there is another model of existence in our country, open to the world, not isolationist. And we need political forces that will act with a clear plan, putting the country on a healthy, democratic track of development, guided by the rule of law, the separation of powers, and fair elections.” — Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Founder of Open Russia

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