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MBK.Media is a new Internet resource by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. It covers current affairs in Russia, paying special attention to Russia’s 7 extraordinarily diverse regions which are frequently overlooked by many other media sources. The resource’s main aim is to provide information so that people can freely exchange views on what is happening in the country.

The website consists of 8 different sections. In addition to the main news homepage there are a variety of other topical sub-sections. The “Meanings”  section contains opinion columns, cultural criticism and analytical journalism.

The sub-section “In Practice” provides instructions on what to do in any number of emergency situations not uncommon for citizens in contemporary Russia.  For example, the section explains what to do in order to avoid being arrested for a social media post, how to behave correctly during  a political demonstration and how to defend yourself from FSB surveillance.

The “Stories” section mainly covers Russian public opinion on various topics and also provides independent reports.

A significant part of the website is dedicated to covering the main events taking place across the Russian regions.

Last but not least the website provides a space for investigative journalism, a profession that is under severe threat in contemporary Russia from prosecution, intimidation, violence and even outright murder.

For those people who don’t have much time to read, there is also a page that offers a range of video content.

The website is moderated, but anyone is welcome to engage and leave their comments as long as they comply with the basic website rules and the laws of the Russian Federation.