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Open Politics

Open Politics is a capacity-building project which seeks to provide young and socially active Russians with opportunities to realise their potential in the political arena throughout the country.  The initiative utilises advanced training programmes, as well as legal, managerial, expert and informational support to help prepare up-and-coming politicians for the realities of political life in Russia.

Open Politics - Open Russia

The Open Russia movement was established as a result of the 2016 Helsinki conference, where over 100 Open Russia delegates came together to inaugurate the movement with an official manifesto.

The movement aims to create a horizontal network of Russian citizens who wish to live in a just and law-governed society and who want to propose an alternative to the current political elite. As the November 2016 manifesto states: “We are all different, but united in our refusal to accept lawlessness, corruption, injustice, censorship, rigged elections and a lack of civil rights.”