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Open Russia University seeks to provide an unbiased view of contemporary Russia, with the aim of forming a community of informed Russian citizens. The platform offers an overview of modern Russia, its challenges and its opportunities, and explores solutions to the key problems facing the country.

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Today education is undergoing some of the most fundamental changes in its history.  It is no longer simply about improving general literacy or producing specialists, nor is it a just a means to achieve higher social status. Education has evolved into an individual journey open to everyone on the planet. More than just an online educational organisation, Open Russia University seeks to introduce students to new forms of technology and prepare them for whatever tasks society has in store for them.

Lectures are free and accessible any time, anywhere. Since its launch in January 2016, Open Russia University has become increasingly popular, accumulating over 1.3 million site views and 26,500 registered users in its first 10 months.